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Samsung smartphones from A to S. We understand models from the Korean manufacturer

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note Series Smartphones
  2. Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones
  3. Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones
  4. Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones
  5. Samsung Galaxy Xcover Series Smartphones
  6. Samsung Galaxy C Series Smartphones
  7. Samsung Galaxy On Series Smartphones
  8. Samsung Series Smartphones W, Folder, Galaxy Leader
  9. Samsung Z Series Smartphones

DGL.ru editors have a feeling that smartphone makers are completely entangled in the naming of their devices. In other words, they have forgotten how to call the model so that it is immediately clear which class the smartphone belongs to, when it is released and what it can do. And for this reason, it is very difficult to calculate what is in front of you - a state employee or a middle-class apparatus, a current model or something from the past.

Therefore, we decided to launch a series of materials in which we will tell which models of various manufacturers belong to which series, and what all this means in general. Let's start with one of the market leaders - Samsung. Everything is not so bad for her, as for some others, and yet it does not do without oddities.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Smartphones

With the Galaxy Note series, everything is as simple as possible: at one point in time, it includes only one actual device, complete with a stylus (hence, in fact, Note - from English this word is translated as “note”). Now this Galaxy Note 8 . If you prefer, you can find Galaxy Note 5, and collectors should hunt for Galaxy Note Edition (probably a name after fans who didn’t give up on Samsung after this whole story of fires). This, if anyone does not remember, restored Galaxy Note 7 with a new firmware and a safe battery. Sold Galaxy Note FE only in Asia.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy S Series Smartphones

And here everything is not so difficult: there is Galaxy S9 , there is Galaxy S9 Plus which is slightly larger and slightly more serious in terms of photo capabilities. Models Galaxy S8 , Galaxy S8 Plus , Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge (Edge - a facet; a hint of a screen curved on the sides) is still on sale, but there is no confusion with them. The only point that needs clarification is the models. Galaxy S8 Active and Galaxy S7 Active . These are devices with impact protection, enclosed in off-road hulls, as indicated by the word Active (they say, an active lifestyle). Officially, they are not delivered to us, so those who wish will have to order these models from the USA. Perhaps it makes sense: the same Galaxy S8 Active is the only "eight" with a flat screen. Meanwhile, Galaxy S9 Active has not yet been presented, but, most likely, it will be released sooner or later.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones

This series includes devices of the middle and upper-middle class. They are weaker than representatives of the Galaxy S series, but for the majority of consumers “Ashek” is quite enough, therefore the series is popular and long-lived.

Now in the Russian retail models are found Galaxy A3 2016 , Galaxy A5 2016 , Galaxy A7 2016 , Galaxy A3 2017 , Galaxy A5 2017 , Galaxy A7 2017 , Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 . All of them are more or less interesting, although the models for 2016, of course, cannot be called very relevant today.

All of them are more or less interesting, although the models for 2016, of course, cannot be called very relevant today

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

In May, sales began Galaxy A6 2018 and Galaxy A6 Plus 2018 . This, roughly speaking, the heirs of the models Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A7 2017, which this year did not update.

Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus 2018

Note that the Galaxy A8 2018 and Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 are the first devices of the Galaxy A8 series on the Russian market. In Asia, this designation was used before. In addition, in China at one time were sold huge smartphones of the Galaxy A9 family with 5000 mAh batteries.

Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones

The situation with smartphones Galaxy J is perhaps the most confusing. In the Russian retail there is a whole scattering of models of this line, and to understand them is unrealistic. Seriously. But we still tried.

So, there are models Galaxy J3 2017 , Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 - This is the most curious trinity in the Galaxy J family. So to say, the key and the freshest products. The Galaxy J2 2018 model is included in this category (key fresh products). Soon, Galaxy J2 2018 will be added Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 - the essence is the same, but with an increased amount of RAM (2 GB vs. 1.5).


Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 / Galaxy J2 Pro 2018

At the same time, Galaxy J 2016 2016, Galaxy J2 2016, Galaxy J2 Pro 2016 smartphones (the same, but more RAM and internal memory), Galaxy J3 2016, are still being sold in selected stores. Galaxy J5 2016 and Galaxy J7 2016 . This series also includes the Galaxy J1 2016, Galaxy J1 Mini 2016 and Galaxy J1 Mini Prime 2016 (we’re talking about them separately, since Samsung has ceased to release new Galaxy J1 models). The first device is 4.5-inch, the other two are 4-inch. At the same time, the Prime version has a slightly faster processor (1.5 GHz against 1.2) and a large amount of RAM (1 GB against 768 MB). Note that all the devices in 2016 have already been discontinued, but they are still on sale. Should we buy them, we don’t know. They are old, get confused in them and buy is not what you need - just spit.

Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini 2016

Think that's all? No matter how wrong! There are a number of devices of the Galaxy J family, whose position in the Samsung line is mysterious and does not obey the laws of logic. There is, for example, the Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone. It looks like some kind of intermediate version between the Galaxy J5 2016 and the Galaxy J5 2017 - that is, the Galaxy J5 Prime will be worse than the last smartphone, but compares favorably with the first (for example, a metal case). But with the Galaxy J2 Prime, the situation is different: it is inferior to both the Galaxy J2 2016 and Galaxy J2 2018. For some reason, the Galaxy J2 2016 has the highest screen resolution in this trio - 1280 x 720 against 540 x 960.

Complements the picture of the smartphone Galaxy J7 Neo, much like the Galaxy J7 2016, but devoid of NFC, equipped with a slightly less capacious battery and costing about a thousand rubles cheaper.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo

In some markets (but, fortunately, not in Russia) there is also a handful of versions, including Galaxy J7 Max, Galaxy J7 V, Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J7 Prime 2, Galaxy J3 Emerge, and so on.

Here I feel like saying: “Buy Samsung Galaxy J smartphones! They are quite good! But you can't figure it out without a bottle ... Why is it so bad with the naming of Koreans? There is a suspicion that Samsung is more interested in sales of flagship devices, and throws all the forces on them. But the entry-level models, to put it mildly, live their own lives, and do not pay special attention to them. Although the same Galaxy J1 up to February has become The third most popular smartphone in Russia.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover Series Smartphones

Everything here is elementary: the line includes protected smartphones (Cover is an English cover, cover, cover) of an average level, and they are protected not only from water, but also from impacts. At one time, representatives of this series were delivered to Russia, but then the "tap was blocked." And now bring Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 - and this is the latest smartphone of this series (the announcement was held in the spring of 2017) - you can, for example, from Germany.

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

Samsung Galaxy C Series Smartphones

A series of smartphones specifically for China. We don’t know why they aren’t sold outside of the People’s Republic of China, but ... In general, our assumption: the first Galaxy C models from two years ago looked very much like the iPhones of that time. In China, tolerant to copyright infringement, this approach to design seems to be acceptable. But in other countries they can sue. However, modern models of the Galaxy C series on the iPhone are no longer alike. These are just mid-level smartphones in thin metal cases. They can be called the conditional analogs of Galaxy A - and not much to be mistaken.

Samsung Galaxy C5 2016

Samsung Galaxy On Series Smartphones

Also, the middle class devices, which can be compared with the “European” Galaxy A series. They were sold exclusively in Asia, the latest update of the series happened in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy On7 2016

Samsung Series Smartphones W, Folder, Galaxy Leader

Under these names in China, Samsung folding smartphones are sold. In other countries they are not offered. Why? Probably for the reason that in China there is still a certain scale cult "clamshells", and manufacturers need to meet the demands of consumers. In fact, a folding Android-smartphone is an extremely inconvenient thing: you can’t really play with it, and it’s not very convenient to poke a touchscreen in the opened state. In general, let the Chinese enjoy, and we will manage.

Samsung Galaxy Leader 8

Samsung Z Series Smartphones

The line of smartphones on the operating system Tizen. Designed for corporate customers, a certain distribution received in India and Russia. In regular stores, these models are not sold (in any case, we have), and they are of no interest to ordinary people due to the lack of the software we are used to - messengers, social networks, etc. But they stand out for their autonomous work: Tizen is extremely economical, and from a battery capacity of around 2500 mAh, the Z-series smartphone can work for 3-4 days.

Samsung Z4

?Why is it so bad with the naming of Koreans?
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